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Intu It Parenting and Wellness offers professional child counseling in Covington, LA and surrounding areas. All provided services are rendered at an affordable and reliable rate and include: teen counseling, individual counseling, family counseling. Each practiced with the utmost compassion and empathy.  You can work one-on-one with our counselor to give you the helpful tools you need to address any relational issues you are dealing with in your family.  The process will help you to deal with the tough process of relating with your child as they are going through puberty and maturing into a young adult. 

Many parents struggle with their children not only throughout their younger years of development, but also as their children become older.  Without counseling services, teenagers may be more apt to give into peer pressure or to engage in negative behavior if there is not a positive and supportive environment for them to feel safe and to thrive in at home.

Intu It Parenting and Wellness understands that many clients struggle with creating a comfortable environment at home because of a lack of knowledge or personal experience. It is the goal at Intu It Parenting and Wellness to provide you with the tools you need to be the most effective for your family and help you to have the happy and healthy family dynamic that you desire to have. The counseling center is a safe haven for many in the community that desire healthier family relationships and more specifically parent-child relationships.

Many parents have experienced traumatic and negative experiences themselves and have unknowingly or knowingly repeated the adverse effects onto their children. Intu It Parenting and Wellness can help parents and children to work through these issues and to understand them more clearly in order to move on more healthily and experience all of the healing needed from any traumatic event.