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Intu It Parenting and Wellness offers top-notch child counseling in Covington, LA and provide you with the services you need at an...
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Counseling and holistic healing may be the only answer in many cases to obtain the healing and peace you need in order to move forward more...
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If you are struggling in your parent-child relationship you do not have to suffer alone. Intu It Parenting and Wellness offers parenting counseling in Covington...

Counseling for kids and parents through the mind, body, and spirit. Positive Psychology based Practitioner.

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Are you struggling in your relationship with your child and unsure of what to do or where to begin the healing process?  If you are curious to find out how you can have a better relationship with your child, you should contact Intu It Parenting and Wellness for family therapy. Family counseling is a coaching and guidance process that focuses on transforming the family dynamic from dysfunctional repeated patterns of behavior to a healthy family dynamic rooted in clear, open, and effective communication.

Intu It Parenting and Wellness provides a professional, reliable, and highly experienced therapist that will work closely with you to identify negative and detrimental behaviors between your family.  Also, you and your family will learn to adapt more effective behaviors and habits that will help you to establish a more loving and understanding relationship and environment in your home.

All in all, Intu It Parenting and Wellness is the ultimate parent-child relationship solution, providing the most affordable and effective services that Covington, LA has to offer.  Services include: teen counseling, adolescent therapy, parenting classes, adolescent counseling, kids’ therapy, family counseling, parenting consultation, and child psychology.  Intu It Parenting and Wellness specializes in many issues that negatively affect parent-child relationships including self-expression and communication issues, bullying, anxiety, low self-esteem, negative attention seeking behaviors, hyperactivity, emotional disturbance, stress, and interpersonal issues.

In this new era of families struggling to relate to their family and children, therapy and counseling may be the only solution to find out how to relate to your children and to get the help you need to find the most effective and valuable approach to relating to each other before it is too late.  The therapy at Intu It Parenting and Wellness will help you get “back to basics” and understand the fundamentals of effective parenting through parent-child relationship consulting, child counseling, behavior modification tools, and holistic lifestyle consulting. 

Call today for more information on the process of creating a personalized overall approach to help you and your family be able to address any underlying issues that have caused strife or misunderstanding.